How to expose REST Service in DellBoomi ?(Part 2)

This blog demonstrates how to expose REST Service in Dell Boomi

How to expose REST Service in DellBoomi ?(Part 2)

Step 10:

Now, deploy the process which we have created. Click on create packaged component.

  • The process gets selected automatically. Click Add Details.

  • Next, select the version and write notes if you have any. Click on create packaged component.

  • Now, we see that the package has been created successfully and click on deploy.

  • We will then have to select the environment. Choose one and click select version and review.

  • We will be asked to cross check the environment which we have configured in deployment tab.

  • Once we click on deploy we will be able to see that deployment is done successfully.


Step 11:

Now close deployments and navigate to 0manage tab followed by atom management.


Step 12:

Now, select the atom to which process is deployed and click on shared web server. You see the base url which is highlighted in the below box and is required for establishing the connectivity with the RES webservice. Copy the base url.


Step 13:

Now, go to build page and select webservices server connector. Click on edit symbol of the operation.

Step 14:

Copy the simple url path which is the resource path.

Now, we have to append base uri with resource path to form the complete endpoint required  to invoke the REST service.

Complete Url looks like


Step 15:

Now, test the webservice in postman by giving all the required inputs as shown in the below screenshot and click send.

You will be able to see the response.

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